Steven and Derrick talk about a woman who believes she was sexually assaulted by a toy,

GoFundMe Freezes 184k Donated to Homeless Teen after Woman Questions His Story

Tech Entrepreneurs Want to Create a Network of Private Micro States in Europe

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Everyone's favorite Redneck Muslim Will Coley talk about Derrick J's interaction with a man who records him and shouts "The Coast Is Queer!" Will also shares his thoughts on a paper called "The Coast Is Queer" -- why are gays portrayed the way they are in media. Do we treat people the way they want to be treated, or the way we think they should be treated? Does our perception of gays or anyone different from us color our experience of them?

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Nicholas, Sasha, Remington, and Derrick talk polyamory vs monogamy, Milo banned from Twatter, male escorts in Cleveland for the RNC, the longest masturbation, and Derrick exposes a cop on Grindr!


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How to eat ass like a pro. You’ve probably wanted to do it but haven’t taken the plunge. Take a deep breath, dig in and toss that salad!

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Joe, Steven, Remington, & Derrick from Che Liberte Studio. Jeff 4 Justice tells us why owning land is aggression, and we argue for 2 hours. Shirts came off.

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This is the episode recorded live from PorcFest 2016. Featuring Steven, Dylan, Seth, Joe, Remington, William, David, & Derrick. Featuring Hershel, Doron, and about a dozen shameful beasts that shall remain nameless.


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OBLITERATE STATIST ARGUMENTS. Fan the flames of your imagine... Everyone wins when 2 Sexy Men fight for Libertarian Literary Glory. PLUS! We threw away the "T", can we throw out the L, G, and B, too? Steven, Joe, Chase, Remington, and Derrick talk PorcFest and sex.


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Put on your Tinfoil minarchist hat, it’s the Freedom Feens! Lou has 6 months off tobacco. MWD has 6 months on CPAP.  And it’s Derrick J Freeman‘s birthday! Woot! He parties with Lousander Feen, Dianna Keiler, and Michael W. Dean. Topics include: not beating women, freaking out a French press, open carry on airplanes and so much more!

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Derrick, Steven, and Remington


Photos of Pups Frolicking at Leather Convention

Boycotting Pride Over Commercialization

DC Pink Pistols Win Gunfight

Jury Nullification Outreach for Cop Killer

Killary Distracted by Dumb, Shirtless Men

Producing Hot Guys, What the Navy is Good For

15-Year-Old Girl has Sex with 25 boys in School Bathroom

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Tonight, Michael W. Dean, Jim Jesus, M.K. Lords and Derrick J Freeman talk about being asked for autographs, Sovereign citizens, and Mark McCloud and the sheets of blotter art he was arrested for. The shenanigans that occurred during the recent Libertarian party debate are discussed, how Antitheism ranting on social media can be annoying , and Jim Jesus’ recent YouTube beef. Also, the current obsession with what restroom people use. Jury nullification is brought up, citing a situation that is going on in New Jersey, where prosecutors are very concerned with people handing out pamphlets ( thinking it has to do with a trial regarding a murder). Kids are more likely to be molested at church than in Transgender bathrooms!

Make your own set of Libertarians Against Humanity

Hans-Hermann Hoppy Sobrietal Removal Service. The party THEY don’t want you to know about.


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