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Cop Block is a decentralized organization made up of a diverse group of individuals united by their shared belief that, “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”


This podcast is not officially sanctioned. I am an independent individual and the opinions I express on this podcast are my own. My name is Derrick J Freeman. I have been arrested 5 times for victimless crimes. I’ve been copblocking since 2011. This podcast features stories from the front page of CopBlock.org. Let’s get right into it.

This week we’ve got:


New Hampshire Vice Cop Arrested for DUI After Head On Crash



Frequently Asked Questions



BBQ Restaurant Employee Blasts “F the Police” While Cops Dining



CopBlockers Stand Up to Homeland Security And Win!



How Do I Join CopBlock?


Cops Caught Falsifying Info During Arrests -- To What End?



Police Arrest More People for Drug Possession Than All Violent Crimes Combined


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Sevan found out his business partner is gay, Steven walks off mic and out of studio, and Derrick finally enjoys 69ing and topping. The musical Cabaret is more timely than ever, and Steven wore heels to the theatre, catching the attention of our yoga friends. Sev and Steven geek out over ZCash, an anonymous cryptocurrency, and Patrick Byrne lays down why Bitcoin will destroy the state. Then Steven and Derrick help Sev get real into some wide Armenian hips.

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What is CopBlock about? How do I connect with other people who want to record law enforcers? Can force be justified? How can I share my own stories to CopBlock.org?

Grand Forks North Dakota enforcers shoot an unarmed man, then try to destroy the evidence.

A law enforcer encourages people to “pop a cap” in harmless random strangers.

A cop acts like a gang member when he threatens a man for not making timely payments to his gang’s bosses. Fortunately, a copblocker caught the interaction on camera, and when the cop noticed him, he decided to stop threatening the man. The man recording saved his fellow man from becoming the victim of a kidnapping.


A middle school student is charged with larceny over a 65 cent milk. There will even be a trial over it. The middle schooler receives milk provided by his community, but he forgot to grab it and put it on his tray when going through line. He returned to get another milk, and a cop grabbed him by the arm. The boy pulled away, and the man got rough with him. The school offered to reduce the punishment to keep it out of the courts, but the boy wants to push forward with the trial because he knows he is innocent and shouldn’t be punished at all.

CopBlocker arrested! Charged with “obstructing a peace officer.” What a joke! Watch the video.

Finally, the best example of how the camera is the best defensive tool in your arsenal: a cop threatens a man and invents a lie to justify hassling him, but the cop is caught when he realizes the man was recording him. He leaves angry, and his victim leaves unharmed.


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NSFW - Sev and Derrick talk about perving out at the gym and the sexual fetish called raceplay and the deeper psychological issues that might cause it. Why was Sev into really pale white girls during high school? A Philly Club Owner Uses N-word and says black people ask for free drinks. A kid chose the pronoun "your majesty." Tonight we introduced David H (not to be confused with co-host David G). Steven joins us at the end and shares a hookup story. We also listened to a band called Bear vs Shark.

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Several random prompts from the audience led to this amazing song.

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Introducing SEV! The crypto-anarchist entrepreneur. Sev, Remington, and Derrick talked about being the product of social signals and following the path of least resistance -- struggling to be true to ourselves and what that means in the context of masculinity. How is YOUR behavior affected by what you were told is--or isn’t--acceptable? Sev is watching Narcos but says Rubicon is a super-good show for libertarian types who question the people who call themselves the government. We talk about gay muslims and the origin of the word “radical” -- which led to our discovery of the Radical Fairies global gay anarchist environmentalist movement. Yes, it’s really a thing.

Stuff we didn’t get to tonight, but you should check out anyway:

Watch pansies wet their pants in anger over the “dangerous faggot”

Reflection on gay life at age 30

How are LGBTQ Muslims a thing?
Plz join the Gaynarchist group on Facebeef (but only if you’re really cool and/or hot)

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Steven and Derrick talk about a woman who believes she was sexually assaulted by a toy,

GoFundMe Freezes 184k Donated to Homeless Teen after Woman Questions His Story

Tech Entrepreneurs Want to Create a Network of Private Micro States in Europe

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Everyone's favorite Redneck Muslim Will Coley talk about Derrick J's interaction with a man who records him and shouts "The Coast Is Queer!" Will also shares his thoughts on a paper called "The Coast Is Queer" -- why are gays portrayed the way they are in media. Do we treat people the way they want to be treated, or the way we think they should be treated? Does our perception of gays or anyone different from us color our experience of them?

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Nicholas, Sasha, Remington, and Derrick talk polyamory vs monogamy, Milo banned from Twatter, male escorts in Cleveland for the RNC, the longest masturbation, and Derrick exposes a cop on Grindr!



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